Marten Control

Again and again we receive customer complaints originated from marten-related activities. Those reports mainly include damage to buildings, odour annoyence and noises caused by martens.


There are two main options to deal with marten problems. One of the options would be the repelling through the implementation of chemicals. The other option would be targeted trapping within the legal framework.

Targeted trapping is not not a completly legal measure and is subject to following restrictions:

  • Civil Code
  • Hunting Act
  • Animal Protection Act

To trap a marten one requires the permission of the hunting authority as well as the legal competence verified by a trapping license. The type of trap has to be approved by the hunting authority.

To scarce a marten off there are numerous environmentally friendly, non-toxic and very effective remedies at hand, which aim at making an area unattractive for them. This results in keeping the area “marten free”.

If you have any questions concerning this subject please do not hesitate to contact us. We will advise you without obligation.