Room Fumigation

A further component of the formation as a state certified disinfector is the acquired permission of handling fumigation remedies including the substance formaldehyde according to TRGS 522. In order to operate with such substances, a certain expertise is required. This can be achieved after completing a course approved by the state authorities which also compromises the certificate of proficiency in conformity with the German ordinance of hazardous substances.

Room fumigation or respectively the fumigation according to TRGS 522 is used to disinfect accommodations, if there is a suspicion or a certainty that infectious agents such as smallpox, pneumonic plague, inhalation anthrax, tuberculosis or haemorrhagic fever exist.

The remedy, which will be applied in this process, is formaldehyde from which formalin evolves. It is colourless, flammable, very toxic and owns a pungent smell. That is the reason why this treatment should be exercised with extreme caution.

This process works by evaporation or nebulisation of formaldehyde in enclosed accommodations, for instance: sick rooms, laboratories and containers but also in vehicles and animal facilities.

The application of such treatments is strictly regularized with regards to:

  • Infection Protection Act
  • Chemical Act
  • Emission Protection Act
  • Chemical Prohibition Act
  • Enactment of hazardous substances
  • Technical Regulations for hazardous substances (TRGS 522)

Disinfect means to dispose of infectious agents in order to prevent infectious diseases.

For this purpose we appoint fully trained specialists, who possess their certification.

Virus bacteria cells background. High detailed 3d render