Bird Defence

Birds, predominantly pigeons, do not just remain an aesthetical problem as their urine and droppings contaminate and destroy monuments and buildings but also remain a problem in microbiological terms.

Diverse pathogenic agents and parasites can get transmitted by the presence of birds or their excrements.

Among the virus-induced, transmitted diseases we can count the Common Influenza and the Avian Influenza. Among the bacterially-induced diseases, we can count salmonellosis, typhus and ornithosis.

Also numerous parasites can be transmitted. Great significance is attached to pigeon ticks, pigeon bugs, bird fleas and bird mites, which all stick outside on birds and frequent protozoa and nematodes, which can get transmitted through their carcasses and droppings.

We can offer you miscellaneous possibilities and different systems with which you can encounter such problems. All treatments are lawful and efficient.

City Pigeons