Logistics Companies

Saving costs through efficient pest control management

Annually, logistics companies, specifically trading and storing food or feed products, suffer from financial losses due to pest infestations. Such losses annually accumulate to considerable amounts and could be prevented by appropriate pest control measures. Furthermore, it cannot be excluded that a constant spreading infestation will lead to customer complaints, if pests are detected in food products. Consequently, this would severely affect the reputation of a company.

The cause of an infestation variably changes, reaching from the presence of pests inside stored goods to undiscovered faults in the building constructure or insufficient preventive measures. Therefore, operating in logistics companies is difficult. It requires the expertise of rodent behavior and the experience to recognize the root of the problem.

In the course of globalization audits, likewise IFS and BRC, play an increasingly important role, in which a sufficiently installed monitoring system for pests, as well as a fully completed documentation including all procedures is required.