Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

Pest control management in compliance with GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

The term GMP stands for „Good Manufacturing Practice“ and constitutes an important factor in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

For the pharmaceutical industry the production of medicines is subject to binding regulations marked in the “Arzneimittelgesetz” (Medical Drug Act) and the “Arzneimittel- und Wirkstoffherstellungsverordnung” (Medical Production Act). Additionally, the council directive 91/356/EWG, also specifies the requirements, on which the EG-GMP-guideline is based on.

Comparable provisions depicted in the „Kosmetikverordnung“(Cosmetic Act) and the GMP-regulations of IKW (Association of Personal Hygiene and Detergents) apply for the cosmetic industry.

To guarantee the best possible consumer protection a quality assurance system needs to be introduced and complied. This means:

  • The prevention of any contaminated products
  • The constant reproduction having same quality
  • The detailed traceability and error analyses

To comply with the scales and quality standards it requires specific expertise, experience and trained personnel. Likewise a high degree of flexibility is demanded to act at short notice.  

To meet the requirements of customer protection the GMP-regulation is strictly regimented with particular emphasis on hygienic aspects, which can negatively influence the quality of the product.
In this regard “IPM” (Integrated Pest Management), which means the verifiable quality and efficiency of a practiced pest control Management, plays a crucial role in Audits.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) depicts a concept, which coordinates all methods and treatments to keep an area free of pests. The application of chemical remedies should be excluded and replaced by non-chemical treatments, as far as possible. All sorts of remedies are classified by a less environmental pollution and do not pose a risk for neither the health nor non-target organisms.