Responsible for disinfection procedures is the so-called state certified disinfector. He is specialised in cleaning measures and disinfection procedures predominantly in the medical sector yet also in other working areas like public institutions, retirement homes and industries.

Subsequent laws, ordinances and guidelines are evident in this working field:

  • Protection against Infection Act
  • Medical products Act
  • Medical Product Manufactures Act
  • Biological Agents Act
  • Ordinance on Hazardous Substances
  • Technical rules for biological working materials (TRBA 250& TRBA 525)
  • Guideline of the Robert-Koch-institute for hospital hygiene and preventions of infectious agents.

As the field of activity is far reaching it requires a separate vocational training including a final state examination.

The disinfection marks another essential cornerstone in our service. With the spread of pests, diverse microorganisms are getting transmitted. In particular, these may include viruses, bacteria and fungus types, which in certain areas, just like in medical facilities or food producing facilities, can reproduce quickly. Consequently, this will not only increase the risk of infections but also diminish the quality of products.


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