Pest Control

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Pest Control

Talking about the profession of a pest controller we are dealing with one of the oldest occupations in human history. Since antiquity the key interest was given to pests which severely limited the well-being of humans or even posed a threat to their existence with regard to infested nourishment or crops. On this occasion, people of medieval times were already aware of the risk that pests could transmitter diseases. Therefore, early on, techniques had been considered and measures tried out to protect oneself and fellow human beings from the negative impact caused by pests.

Although the principle of protection against the negative impact of pests did not change fundamentally, the modality regarding pest control did. Modern, professional pest control is substantially more complex compared to the job outline of centuries ago.

Since the 01.08.2004 pest control is a state recognised occupation including a state verified apprenticeship which meets the modern and practical requirements of this profession.

The course contents refer to the qualifications which are considered to be necessary in terms of handling hazardous substances close to humans. The teaching subjects have been evaluated by experts with particular regard to the responsible usage of such remedies.


Pest controllers conduct preventive measures to detect or to impede an infestation as early as possible. This also includes targeted control when the infestation has already spread out. Therefore, pest controllers work as service providers in a customer oriented-manner, reconsider the legal framework, technical and organisational provisions and specific operating instructions. Likewise, pest controllers are specifically trained in regards to environmental issues and work according to the IPM system (Integrated Pest Management). This system depicts a concept which coordinates all methods and treatments to keep an area free of pests. The application of chemical remedies should be excluded and replaced by non-chemical treatments as far as possible. Should a control measures still be necessary only remedies with a low impact on the environment or on human health will be applied.


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