Root Vole Gassing

Root Vole Gassing

Root voles, particularly water voles, should not be underestimated as garden or farming pests. This species can rarely be found in buildings, only when they accidentally find their way into them.

The control takes place outside one through substances creating phosphorus hydride (aluminium phosphate or calcium phosphate) by means of pellets whereby the gas emerges due to the environmental humidity and will spread in the ductal system of the rodents as phosphine. The other method deals with baits containing zinc phosphine, which will automatically develope after the oral intake of the bait when the substance gets in contact with stomach acid. This kills the rodents fast and painless.

Both treatments do not pose any threat to non-target organisms if the treatment is carried out properly. Furthermore, these remedies have been found very efficient and very compatible with plants.

The use of remedies containing aluminium or calcium phosphine are associated with a large sense of responsibility and requires the certificate of competence according to TRGS 512 (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances).


Following laws form the basis for such controlling:

  • Chemical Act
  • Chemical-prohibition Act
  • Ordinance on Hazardous Substances
  • REACH-Ordinance
  • Technical Rules for Hazardous Subsances (resp.: TRGS 512)

The control of moles is legalised, considering the permission of the Conservative Agency.


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