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Cutting costs with an efficient pest management system

Every year logistics companies have to cope with high costs provoked by an infestation. Consequently, several products must be disposed. On the top of that, customer complaints might lead to a damaged reputation or official requirements.

To contain the impact of this issue, it is essential to establish an efficient pest management system, which focuses on preventive measures and effectively coordinates monitoring and control measures.

It must be noted that an infestation in storage halls, packaging halls and production halls can either be caused by a passive introduction of pests via delivered goods or by constructional deficiencies in the building. A professional monitoring system covers all factors. Due to our long-term experience in logistics companies, we can help you to find the root of the infestation and to overcome all related challenges.

Internal and external quality standards are ensured through the introduction of certifications. The IFS Logistic serves as a tool to audit logistical operations in the handling of food or non-food products. The counterpart in the pharmaceutical industry is the Good Distribution Practice (GDP). All internal and external standards have in common that taken measures must be recorded in a complete and traceable documentation.

On this occasion, the documentation is the key aspect to help finding causes of an infestation and taking appropriate measures. Hereby, we benefit from our own designed and customized online-documentation DocMaH.

With our system you will manage each pest control audit without non-conformities.