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Your way to accomplish a professional quality standard for Pest Control

For over 40 years we can guarantee optimum quality and efficiency in this field of activity. This has been achieved through innovative pest control measures and targeted implementation of biocides.

In the course of time the general requirements have been constantly increased, especially focused on the food-handling industry, pharmaceutical industry and on medical facilities.

Adaptability, efficiency and swift action are essential steps for a professional pest management, which furthermore, should be completed by a continuous documentation of the procedures and measures.

The pest control operator belongs to one of the few occupational groups, which are allowed to implement toxic substances close to humans. To fulfil this huge responsibility we are constantly training our employees and they are fully qualified.

As a modern family business, our customer relationship is highly important. Amongst pest surveillance and pest controlling the direct support and the practical preparation for external and international audits form another central pillar of our business.

Jigsaw Puzzle with Quality Control Concept