Unser Schädlingsmanagementsystem umfasst die ganzheitliche Betrachtung aller Faktoren, die für eine permanente Schädlingsfreihaltung ausschlaggebend sind. Hierbei liegt der Fokus stets auf der Schädlingsprävention im Zusammenspiel mit einem lückenlosen Schädlingsmonitoring. Diese beiden Bestandteile sind maßgebend um Bekämpfungen auf ein Minimum zu reduzieren und einen Befall von vornherein zu vermeiden.


As a modern family business we attach great importance to our customer relationship. We guarantee our customers to reply each inquiry at short notice and take requests and criticism seriously.

New customers always receive a personal and non-binding consultation which includes a site visit. Upon request, this consultation can also comfortably take place online or via phone-call.

State-Analysis and Target-Concept

In order to assure a pest monitoring system, a risk assessment and hazard analysis need to be conducted at site. On this occasion, all factors which can favor a pest infestation need to be considered.


With regard to the conducted risk assessment and hazard analysis, an interrelated pest monitoring system will be installed. This system is based on the factors stemmed from these evaluations and constantly needs to be adapted based on altering circumstances.

Control und Documentation

An essential component of the pest management system is the interaction of monitoring and documentation, which eventually results in an interrelated system. The focus is on ensuring a clear and easy traceability. Individually and variably, the documentation can either be on paper or in form of a digital version.

Control measures

The primary objective of our pest management system is to minimize chemical control measures inasmuch other methods are equally expedient. In the event of a present infestation, only registered and selective biocides are going to be used. These remedies are characterized by a minimal impact on the environment.

Support during pest control audits

Another important column of our service is the preparation and direct support during audits. Such inspections constantly challenge companies as the time needed to prepare always takes a lot of time. Furthermore, a lack of knowledge can easily end up in a non-conformity. To save our customers’ time and to help them to succeed their pest control audits without non-conformities, we are offering a direct assistance. Hereby, we are backed by our customized online documentation DocMaH.