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Pests are harmful for your reputation

On a frequent basis, videos emerge on social media showing rodents or other pests in stores and shops, which can lead to severe consequences. In this context, the importance of a trustworthy management system cannot be stressed enough.

  • – Avoid customer complaints and a harmed reputation.
  • – Counteract the closure of markets through authorities and commissions
  • – Prevent costs of removed infested products

Inevitably, this issue is put forward in laws and ordinances like the LBFG (the German Food and Feed act) as well as the LMHV (the German food hygiene regulation).

Pests also gain more importance as they can easily be introduced into stores and markets, multiply inside gaps and construction material and secretly develop into a heavy infestation. These circumstances make pest control measures very challenging and requires experienced service providers.

Considering pest monitoring, another crucial aspect of an efficient pest management is a complete and traceable documentation, which helps the company to find potential infestation roots and conduct measures against it. Hereby, we are backed by our customized online-documentation.

With the help of our pest management system you will reduce customer complaints and keep a good reputation.