About Matuszak Hygiene

The company Matuszak-Hygiene was founded in August 1972 by the Matuszak family.

The logo is consisting of the founder’s initials “A” and “M”, which are inserted in a hexagon. This hexagon, symbolizing a honeycomb, describes the capacity of bees to be diligent and hard-working. Still today, their precise and impeccable construction is impressing mankind and serves as a role model for accurate work.

This very day, our family business stands for quality, flexibility and efficiency, which is approved by the accredited DIN EN ISO 9001 certification.

Equally important to all employees is the responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, we prioritize biological, biotechnical and physical treatments in contrast of chemicals.

This continuing pursuit as well as the responsibility towards nature and environment is approved by accredited experts according to DIN EN ISO certification 14001.

Meanwhile, the third generation stepped in and keeps the values of the founder.

Founder & CEO Matuszak Hygiene

Quality Management acc.

ISO 9001:2015

Environmental Management acc.

ISO 14001:2015

Pest Control Services acc.

DIN EN 16636

This is where we work

Industry Sectors

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

GMP compliant Pest Management based on a complete and traceable documentation

Food and Feed Industry

IFS, BRC and AIB audits without non-conformities

Logistics Companies

IFS Logistics and GDP compliant Pest Management

Medical Institutions

Pests and the transmission of resistant pathogens


IFS Packaging, BRC Packaging and DIN EN 15593 compliant Pest-Management

Wholesale and Retail

Reducing customer complaints through efficient preventive measures against pests
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