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Industries We Serve

Smarter Service for Your Company, e.g.

Pharma and Cosmetics

Protect your products and reputation with our specialized pest management for pharmaceutical and cosmetic facilities.

Food and Feed

Ensure the integrity of your food and feed products with our proactive pest monitoring.

Medical Facilities

Enhance hygiene and safety standards in medical facilities with systematic monitoring to counteract the spread of pest-related pathogens.

Chemical Industry

Protect your chemical manufacturing processes and products from contamination risks with our expert solutions.


Maintain product quality and compliance standards for packaging materials and logistics facilities with our comprehensive pest management services.

Industrial Production

Keep your production lines running smoothly and pest-free with our proactive, digitally supported monitoring and control measures.

Risk of pest infestation in your industry?

Industrieanlagen stehen vor speziellen Herausforderungen bei der Schädlingsbekämpfung. Pestizide und deren unsachgemäße Verwaltung oder Anwendung können ernste Risiken für Produktintegrität, Mitarbeitergesundheit und behördliche Compliance darstellen. Das gilt in Branchen wie Pharma, Kosmetik und Chemie, bei der Herstellung von Lebensmitteln, Futtermitteln und Getränken, in medizinischen Einrichtungen, rund um Verpackungsmittel und Lagerhaltung – also überall in der Industrieproduktion. Die Aufrechterhaltung einer schädlingsfreien Umgebung ist für alle nicht nur eine Frage der Sauberkeit – sie ist wesentlich für Sicherheit und guten Ruf. Und die gesetzlichen Regelungen diesbezüglich sind heute streng.

How We Solve Pest Problems

At Matuszak Hygiene, we revolutionize pest control with our innovative software system, which simplifies and legally secures your audit and documentation processes. Our solution not only aims to eliminate your current pests; we focus on proactive prevention and sustainable pest management, tailored to your individual needs.

Our full-service concept includes:

Audit Assistance

Comprehensive service including immediate support during audits.

Legally Secure Documentation

Stress-free implementation of your compliance requirements

Tailored Solutions

The right, industry-specific strategy for your

Proactive Pest Monitoring

Expert monitoring, reporting, and analysis.


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Direct support during the audit

An important pillar of our service is the preparation and direct support during audits. Such inspections always present a challenge for companies, as the preparation requires a significant amount of time and lack of knowledge can easily result in a deviation. To save our clients this valuable time and to guarantee them an audit without deviations in pest control, we offer direct support. In this regard, we can rely on our unique online documentation, DocMaH.

Support with many benefits

Control and documentation

An essential component of the entire pest management system is the interaction between pest control and documentation. Pest monitoring and control documentation complement each other, thus leading to a seamless system. The focus here is on clear and easily understandable traceability. Documentation can be done individually and can vary at any time, either on paper or using our online documentation (DocMaH). 

DocMaH: Pest Management, Validatable according to GAMP® 5

For the industry, uncomplicated and practical pest control is essential. With the increasing importance of a unified standard in pest management, the requirements for documentation software are also rising. This has motivated us to develop and operate our own online documentation in collaboration with software and documentation experts. Tailored to all the demanding central requirements as well as your individual needs – secure, compliant with data protection regulations, and hosted on German servers. DocMaH is unique nationwide, developed and operated by us!

As-Is Analysis, Target Concept, and Suitable Monitoring

To ensure effective pest control, a risk assessment and hazard analysis of the facility are conducted, considering all factors that favor pest infestation. Based on the evaluations, a pest monitoring system for continuous infestation control is installed. This system is based on the factors resulting from the hazard analysis and risk assessment and is flexibly adjusted to local changes.

Customized Pest Management System

Our pest management system encompasses the comprehensive consideration of all factors crucial for maintaining permanent freedom from pests. The focus here is always on pest prevention in conjunction with seamless pest monitoring. These two components are crucial for minimizing treatments and preventing infestations from occurring in the first place.


Based on the evaluation of the risk assessment and hazard analysis, a comprehensive pest monitoring system for continuous infestation control is installed. This system is based on the factors resulting from the hazard analysis and risk assessment and must be flexibly adjusted due to local changes. 


A primary goal of our pest management is to minimize the use of chemical control measures and prioritize biological, biotechnical, and physical methods. If chemical control is necessary, only approved and selective biocides are used, which have minimal impact on humans and the environment.