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Consumer Goods and Consumer Protection

Consumer protection plays the most significant role whether it is involving packaging materials, consumer goods, food products or medicine. Packaging intended for food products should not be exposed to microorganisms as it can be harmful for consumers. Similar requirements can be encountered regarding packaging for cosmetics, medical products, toys or body-care products.

The legal frame for this matter can be found in the LFGB (the German Food and Feed code). Article 2(6) Nr. 1 to 9 lists all products which are equivalent to consumer goods and are bound by the same requirements.

Additionally, manufactures guarantee a highly qualitative standard by introducing additional certifications as the BRC packaging, the IFS packaging or the DIN EN 15593.

To meet these legal regulations and standards a professional and customized pest control management is fundamental in order to detect a pest infestation at an early stage and prevent it.

In this context a complete and traceable documentation is crucial to support the manufacturer in detecting and identifying the root of a pest infestation and to implement countermeasures.

With our pest management you have a reliable monitoring system and succeed each pest control audit without non-conformities.